It is almost Silver Lake Summer Hoop time! (Silver Lake-Kingston, MA) 

So we have worked very hard at providing our community with this opportunity to the let the kids loose in a safe fun environment! We hope with your patience and as much social distancing as possible we will achieve our goal! Please keep in mind that we may deviate from just basketball all day. With that in mind here is more information on how we will be operating the camp.

Our basketball camp has been in operation for the past 28 years. Because of the state guidelines, we are offering a more revised camp program and have made minor changes to adhere to the CDC and Governor Baker's recommended safety measures. Additional changes have been made as well, such as more of a focus on individual technique and basketball instruction rather than scrimmages and competitive games. We were hoping this would change with the Phase 3 guidelines that came out this past Monday (7/6). Some sports like baseball, softball, and volleyball are now allowed to play games. Basketball is still in a Phase 2 situation. We will be sticking to the type of instruction that we put together to make the camp work. The only change we would like to make is the use of basketballs. Initially we were going to give each camper a basketball at the beginning of camp and then collect and disinfect at the end of the day. With some research on my part we are seeing baseballs, softballs, volleyballs, and footballs all being shared. I have actually checked out myself 2 of the large sports complexes on the South Shore and see the sharing of Basketballs in drill situations. So with that we will be using our camp basketballs during the day and at the end of the week we will give every camper a new camp ball. We will disinfect all camp balls 3 to 4 times a day. We will also be able to work on some team drills as long as there is no player to player contact.

Per suggestion from the CDC we will work with the 3 to 6 foot social distancing rule during camp. Because of our 50% capacity rule our groups will be much smaller than normal. Groups can be 10 to 12 campers and need to be at least 20 feet from each other. Our groups will be smaller than that.

We will have numerous hand sanitizing, freeze pops, and Popsicle breaks throughout the day! Our famous water balloon toss will be a big hit again this year.

Because of the heat situation Monday and possibly Tuesday the campers will not be playing outside. We will only go outside for our water balloon tosses. We will take our breaks in the air conditioned cafeteria! In some cases if we get the approval we might watch some cool basketball videos while taking our breaks! Keep your fingers crossed.

Please try to remember that even though we are a basketball camp (and maybe the only one on the south shore this summer) we are trying to offer a safe outlet for kids this summer. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


Coach Steele Cell 774 281 0096 Home 781 294 1215

More Information/ Check in is between 8:30 am to 9 am.

1) Please park in school parking lot and sign in at tables that will be in front of gym lobby doors.

2) There may be a temperature check at sign in. There may be some health questions asked also.

3) Lunches and snacks will be brought to the cafeteria. Please have child’s name on everything! They need to have their own water bottle. No sharing!

4) All coaches and counselors will be wearing masks.

 5) This is a change from last week. All Campers must be wearing masks at all times unless Coaches feel that the drill or competition can be performed in a socially distance manner.   

6) Any a.m. camper who would like to stay for the afternoon session there will be a $35 charge per day. Just let us know during check in.

7) If any a.m. camper who would like to stay and eat lunch and be picked up by 12:30 p.m. at no extra charge please let us know at check in.

8) We do sell Domino’s pizza ($2 a slice), Gatorade ($2) and bottled water ($1). Bug juice is still free! We will pass out all beverages and pizza. Counselors will wear gloves when passing out food.

9) Pick up for all campers will be by the Gym entrance. Please come to the entrance door and we will escort your son or daughter out to you. Afternoon pick up is 3 p.m. We will bring campers out at 2:50.

10) We will be disinfecting all touch areas approximately every 90 minutes. (Basketballs, bathrooms, door handles etc.)

11) As stated earlier we will be taking part in non-basketball but social distancing activities. Especially with the younger ages.

12) The age groups will stay in their gym areas and not rotate. We will be using both High School and Middle school gyms.

13) Once camp begins there will be no refunds, only credits for the next week’s camp or next year’s camps.

14) Parents are not allowed in building unless there is an emergency. Please wear mask when dropping off and picking up.

15) Because of the social distancing the camp will only be at 50% capacity. We still have a few spots remaining. Please email me if interested.


The idea of camp this summer is to take that step outside the “bubble” so to speak. It will not only be about basketball but other fun activities in a safe environment. We will provide basketball instruction and other activities that the campers will enjoy.

Richard Steele

Silver Lake Summer Hoop.

Typical Daily Schedule (Subject to change per any new government/CDC guidelines)
 8:45-9:10 Check in
 9:15-9:25 Stretching  Agility Stations
 9:25-9:35  Agility Stations
 9:35-9:50 Hot Shot  
 9::50 -10:00   Break and sanitize 
 10:05 - 10 :30 Drill Stations
 10:30 – 11:00 Water Balloon toss Lunch
 11:00 11:10 cleaning
 11:10 – 11: 45 competitive games (contests)
 11:50 – 12:30 Lunch and cleaning 
 12:35-1:15 Water balloon toss 
 1:20 – 2:00  individual workout
 2:00 2:15 Foul Shooting
 2:15 – 2:45 contests
 2:50 – 3:00 closing announcements
 3:00 pick up.
*No spectators will be allowed at camp due to safety concerns*
Typical Daily Camp Schedule 2020.pdf Typical Daily Camp Schedule 2020.pdf
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